środa, 31 sierpnia 2011

the best coffee i have ever had

we were walking on the beach hand to hand. i couldn`t stop staring at Mark`s huge amount of foreskin which looked like little crown on top of his stiff dick. he was absolutely easy with it as were everybody else. from time to time he stopped to talk to some friends and introducing me. i was thrilled. he introduced me to his best friends who had very long hanging balls swinging so heavily as he was walking that i could see them danglind even when he was walking in front of us. his friend named Mitchel went with us for an afternoon coffee with me and Mark`s family.
Finally we approched a little tent with a table in front of it and some other beach accesories. Quite attractive slim, totally shaved blond was there to welcome us.
- hi, my name is Gloria, nice to meet you - she said
- hello, i`m Nina, hope i`m not bothering you.
- oh, no at all, we love company and you are here just in right time for coffee which is almost ready. you`re drinking black or white? - Gloria asked?

- white, if I may ask.
-so do I, my dear, i have a feeling we`re going to be good friends. here`s your cup Nina, you can sit on that chair, sorry if it is not very comfortable but we take chairs that can fit into our car and not the one that will stuf it - said Gloria with a smile as i was sitting.
Chair was actually quite comfortable and she sat on the other one. I couldn`t see any milk on the table and i thought it wouldn`t be rude if i ask for it.
- Gloria, can you pass me some milk, please? i`m not so fond of black coffee. - i said
- sure honey, right on. Mark could you give Nina milk for her coffee.
- sure darling - said Mark approaching me but with empty hands.
- keep your cup a little higher please - he said.
i put my cup a bitter higher and he started to masturbate his willy furiously. i was in shock and didn`t know what to really expect. his shiny head was showing and disappearing under his foreskin as he was moving it. His balls were swinging fast. he was whispering some dirty words i was embarrased to hear:
- i want to touch your wet pussy nina, i can see how wet it is under your bathing suit, show it to me. i was in shock, in the meantime Gloria and Mitchel were just casual talking to me asking where i am from , how old i am, what were i doing in my life.
- c`mon Mark, milk it a bit faster, Nina hasn`t all day to wait for it.
- yes dude, give it to her or i will do it instead of you.
- oh Mitch, stop embarras him, he will milk it pretty soon , i`m sure - Gloria said
All that time Mark`s hand was moving his foreskin very fust, I could smell a scent of his precum. i could see it. I have never seen it before. My pussy was wet and it was trembling inside. i was shivering.
- put this cup higher Nina NOW! - he screamed. i did it and white stuff out of his willy came straight to my cup with coffee. 5 huge shoots. he felt on the chair.
- here, my dear, have a spoon to mix it. hope you will like my Mark`s milk.
I didn`t know how to respond.
- i`m sure i will - i said after a minute
- Mitch, can you give me yours now?- Gloria asked like she would ask for salt or pepper
- sure Gloria, anything for you.
he stand in front of her. i could see his hairy ass and those long hangers. Gloria was telling me about shop they owned but all i could think of was the hand that i saw. i saw it moving fast. he was standing with his back to me so i didn`t see his cock but i saw his testicles were swinging back and forth.
- GLORIA , i am ready to shoot for you - he whispered
- do it Mitch right into my cup, now honey, i am ready.
he moaned and i knew he finished as she took a spoon from the table and started to shake with it in her cup.
i looked around. some people were passing by, some even were looking but noone said anything. how come? i thought.
Mitchel sat down with his dick still throbbing. Mark was soft now.
- let`s play some voleyball now - said Mark to Mitch
- ok, u girls have a nice chat here
- sure we will, we`re friends already, right Nina? - asked Gloria sipping her coffee
- i hope so Gloria - i answered
- why don`t you drink it? you don`t like it? Mark come here i need to check something - said Gloria.
Mark came to here and she shamelessly took his soft dick in her mouth. He moaned and put his feet wider. he was enjoying it.
- well your milk is good - she said - i can feel the last drop
- it si great - i assured her and put my cup to my lips. they all watched me. i tasted it. unbelieveable! that was soooo good. i little sour and sweet. heaven in my mouth.
- she likes my milk , she likes my milk - laughed Mark and his dick started to point at me as he was laughing so hard looking at me.
- no wonder Mark, i feed you well so u can always offer the best specimen of yours.
- now guys, go to play and find Robert. Nina haven`t meet him yet and i`m sure she would like to. they are almost the same age so she doesn`t have to waist her time with old folks - Gloria winked at me.
- ok Gloria, we`ll be back soon - Mitchel said and both guys went to beach. one with his dick still standing proudly from his manly bush. their ass cheeks moved like a sweet hair fruits. i like this beach - i thought.
.... to be continued

wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2011

how i meet my father in law

my name is nina and i have a great family of my own which i love very much. what i cherish about that the most is that we have some rules here. men of my family are always naked. they don`t mind it as they are used to nudity at gym, pool and beach. i am 42 years old, my husband is 40. we have 3 kids. one daughter age 21 and 2 sons age 15 and 18.
i want to share with u with some memories and i count that u will share yours with me.
it all started many years ago when i was accidentaly on nude beach. i think women should be modest and hid her treasures just for some special occasions. i was 18 then and i was a virgin. u have no idea how amazed i was with all those naked guys that i have never seen before. i loved instantly the way they look and their natural shapes. i decided to stay there as long as noone would force me to strip as well. i was laying there looking at all of those hairy dicks and testicles hidden in hairy nutsacks that were slapping thighs of their owners while walking. they were all fascinating to me. some of them had heads fully hidden in their foreskin and others were halfway visible with their pee slit on exposal.
suddenly i saw a guy walking in my direction. he was tall with hairy chest around 40 years old. he was looking at me with little smile on his handsome face.
- don`t you know it is a nude beach? he asked
- sorry i don`t know how i got here. i was just looking for some secluded beach.
- i don`t mind that you are wearing your bathing suit but some people might. come with me , i will introduce you to my family so you won`t be bothered because of your suit. what is your name?
- i am Nina.
- nice to meet you Nina, I am Mark. and how old are you?
- i am 18.
- oh so you are not far older from our boy. he`s 16. would you like to meet him and my wife?
- sure, that would be really nice - i said.
- ok c`mon. why are you staring that way at me? haven`t you seen naked man before?
- being honest, i haven`t - i could tell i was blushing.
- really? do you feel embarrased looking at me?

- i don`t think so. you are nice enough so i am not so embarrased. well maybe a little.
- do you want to look at me more closely so u would have a chance to get used to this sight?
- it would be very nice of you if you don`t mind.
- i don`t mind. where do you want to start? what do you want to see?
-well... all if it is possible.
- ha ha ha... you are sweet girl. ok. let me help you. as you can see i am pretty grown up. i am 40 now. you can see that my shoulders are wide as i exercise quite some. men are more hairy than women so i have some hair under my armpits and on my chest and stomache. of course i have plenty of them around my willy and nuts. u can see how long my foreskin is but i can show you what is underneath.
- yes please - i whisperred feeling weaker in my knees and wet between my legs.
Mark took his willy in his hand and pulled his foreskin back showing me shiny a bit wet helmet.
- i am sorry but i got aroused a little. it is nothing wrong on nudist beach but i hope you don`t mind?
- no , of course not - i was feeling all kind of attractions between my legs and deep in my pussy watching him slowely moving his foreskin. it was really huge. when it was pulled on it created a little rose with that amount of skin left.
- now Nina, those two things hidden under my willy are my balls. they are treasure of every man. it`s where our milk comes from. have you seen male`s milk yet?
- no i haven`t Mark.
- of course you haven`t but u will for sure. more than once in your life.
Mark was standing proudly with his legs apart and his boner out of his bush. I was looking without being embarrased at all. he was smiling so nicely that i liked him already and almost trusted him though we have just met.
- ok - Mark said - let`s meet rest of my family. my wife is going to have her coffee soon and i know she will need some fresh milk.
- great - i said - let`s go, but you have boner. aren`t you embarrased?
- are you kidding? let me tell you one thing young lady. Man never should be embarrased of his naked natural body no matter what he do. we have been living that way even in ancient greece for women`s pleasure and let me say that i wish those times were back. let`s go now. my willy will show us the way:).
.......to be continued